Nick. (posuer) wrote in pro_chubs,
pro_chubs nick
2.age 16
3.weight 130.
4.height 5 something or other. near the middle.
5.favorite bands ska hardcore reggae rap poppunk grindcore folk postpunk indie classical blues jazz uhhh everything else?
6.favorite movies john cusack Grosse Pointe Blank
7.favorite food pizzaburgers
8.turn ons light switches (im so witty)
9.piercings i poked a pin through me once.
10.tattoos i carved an anchor into my arm with a compass once.
11.why should we accept you because i represent chubbiness old school (aka i was chubby. i know im not now. but i didnt gain any weight from 4th grade through 8th grade. so i definitely was chubby.)

i only have two so im breaking one of your rules but hey.

word homie.
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